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Kavish Dust/Anti Pollution Protect Face Ninja Mask Mouth & Nose Respirator Black (1)

₹699 ₹115 


  • PROTECTION» This face mask Protects your skin from wind, dust, cold, pollution, sun and UV-rays
  • «UTILITY» This mask can be worn as it is or can be worn under any helmet or cap. Can also be worn as a Half Face Mask
  • «PURE AIR» With the Air Filter Mesh and Ultra Cool Technology of the mask you can breathe Pure, Cool Air always.
  • «UNIVERSAL SIZE» It’s a one size fits all universal mask. Can be used by men, women and Teen. It’s a must for every ride outdoor.
  • «EASE AND COMFORT» Made from the softest material the face mask can be worn with ease and is very comfortable.

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Did you know. As many as 12 lakh deaths take place every year due to air pollution in India. The number of deaths in India caused by air pollution is only a fraction less than the number of deaths caused by tobacco usage. Greenpeace’s report holds that India’s air pollution has become a public health and economic crisis. Protect yourself and your loved ones with the Kavish biker pollution mask a clean, classic look with all the technology you’ve come to expect from Kavish. Durable premium design and material deliver maximum performance on those polluted and dusty roads. A mask worn during every ride has proven to reduce health issues arising from smoke and pollution about our company we created Kavish with a single goal in mind to make life easier, healthier and advocate environmental protection. That means starting with affordable, premium-quality products and ending with a commitment to 100 percent. We love our customers and strive to meet your standards. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and are always here when you need us. All Indian brand with a passion for India amazon buyers trust our Kavish brand to be quality premium products. We cannot guarantee this special pricing, so be sure to click buy now.


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