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V-410 Face Mask SLV

₹850 ₹470 


  • Adjustable nose clip made of high-strength composite materials with higher resistance to breakage than metal nose clips
  • It is made of ultra-soft fabric that’s gentle on skin and provides comfortable-fit. It has adjustable straps with soft nose pad. Face-fit made basis 3D scanning technique for the Asian face.
  • Smart valve fitted on the inside of the mask provides seamless outflow of exhaled air providing better comfort
  • High quality filter media which blocks PM2.5 dust, haze, bacteria, influenza viruses, Even heat dissipation over the mask surface reducing stuffiness.
  • Pack Of Masks (50 )

Specifications for this item


Its is highly comfortable because of its high end features like exhalation valve, metal nose clip and adjustable braided elastic headbands. These features makes it comfortable to wear for long hours and in hot weather without formation of sweat because of the exhalation valve.The Venus Universal Series is a simple yet effective range of products specifically designed with essential features to provide basic protection. These products assure comfort and value to the wearer, making tiring and challenging work slightly easier to bear. Encompassing all approvals, this series removes all doubts when it comes to the quality of the product.


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